Thank you for all the support in our crowdfunding for our two latest feature films, THREE WORLDS and MAN. We are back to post production. In the meantime, if you still want to support, I will be adding left over items from that campaign into our shop soon. Also, please add your email to our mailing list. We only send out essential info sparingly. Lastly, we set up a secret movie night page. Feel free to peruse for the time being  - am

Just finished principle photography on a new project titled: "what do you know of water’s worth while standing on the banks of the euphrates
More info coming soon so check back, or add your name to our mailing list. 

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MOONLIGHTING MISSION MAN is now available on all major music platforms & streaming sites. Grab a copy. 

A small sample of film work through the years available below, including the 2016 visual album, CANYON. More info on CANYON available at . You can find a much larger body of work if you peruse the site.